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Enlightened Theatrics 2020 Season

Enlightened Theatrics is excited to begin accepting video submissions for our next mainstage production; the irreverent contemporary farce, Election Day!

Enlightened Theatrics seeks actors with the skill set to tell truthful and engaging stories. We strive to hire actors that reflect and represent human diversity and we encourage and welcome actors of all ethnicities, sizes, backgrounds, and abilities to audition.

What to Present: Two 1-minute comedic monologues (dark comedy/farcical comedy)

Submissions Deadline: 6pm, Monday, February 10th. Send videos to and include headshot and resume.

Invited Callback: Saturday, February 22nd | 1-5pm | Salem’s Historic Grand, 187 High Street NE Salem, OR 97301


March 17th through April 16th
Weekdays from 4-10pm (dependent on Actor schedules)
Weekends between 1pm and 10pm (no longer than 8 hours per day)
No rehearsal on Mondays
Tech: April 11th - 13th
Friday, April 11th: Dry Tech at theatre
Saturday, April 12th: Tech, 11am-11pm (10 of 12)
Sunday, April 13th: Tech/Dress, 11am-11pm (10 of 12, dress rehearsal in evening)
Monday, April 14th: Dress, 4pm-11pm
Tuesday, April 15th: DARK

Invited Dress/Preview:
Wednesday, April 16th: 4pm call, Photoshoot 5-7pm, 7:30pm Invited Dress Performance
Thursday, April 17th: 5pm call, 7:30pm Preview Performance, talkback and notes to follow

April 18th through May 3rd
Thursday through Saturdays at 7:30, call at 6:30pm
Sundays at 2:30pm, call at 1:30pm
Strike: May 19th directly following Closing performance (Actors are expected for 2 hours)


“Playwright, Josh Tobiessen, makes mock of young narcissists who, under the guise of political activism, are in hot pursuit of their own, self-serving agendas.
It’s Election Day, and Adam knows his overzealous girlfriend will never forgive him if he fails to vote. But when his sex starved sister, an eco-terrorist, and a mayoral candidate willing to do anything for a vote all show up, Adam finds that making that quick trip to the polls might be harder than he thought.
Election Day is a hilarious dark comedy about the price of political (and personal) campaigns.”



ADAM - Male Identifying, Early 20s to Mid 30s. Graphic designer; Brenda’s boyfriend; Cleo’s adopted brother. Not as invested in the election as his girlfriend. Wants to spend his day off in peace but is bombarded left and right with reasons why and why not to vote for a particular candidate.


BRENDA - Female Identifying, Early 20s to Mid 30s. Public-defense lawyer; Adam’s girlfriend. Very type A and is strongly rooted in her political beliefs. She is a control freak but not immune to all influences and temptations.


CLARK - Male Identifying, Early 30s to Mid 40s. Mayoral candidate. Willing to do whatever it takes to win the election. Brash, bold, unashamed, and with a sexual swagger.


CLEO - Female Identifying, Early 20s to Mid 30s. Adam’s adopted sister; cat lover. Cleo is a free spirit, flower child, who isn’t concerned about self image or societal norms. She is desperately in love with Edmund who could basically care less.


EDMUND - Male OR Female Identifying, Early 20s to Mid 30s. Waiter at The Pine Nut Café; T.R.E.E leader. A “eco-terrorist” who is hell bent on making a “global” statement and is not afraid to use violence or terror to change hearts and minds.