Are you interested in partnering or advertising with Enlightened Theatrics as part of your next marketing campaign?

Similar to contributions and in-kind gifts, becoming a partner or advertiser with Enlightened Theatrics also serves to strengthen the foundation of our productions, programs and events by off setting the costs of general operating expenses. 

When partnering or advertising alongside an Enlightened Theatrics event, your business or organization is afforded access to broad levels of benefits, engagement and recognition for actively supporting our mission and the enhancement of our community’s well being.

We believe in open communication, collaboration and generating great ideas that make sense across the board – Enlightened Theatrics’ team looks forward to hearing from and working with you in making your level of partnership or advertising both memorable and worthwhile, with a solid and measurable return on investment.

For more information on partnerships and advertising opportunities, please contact Ashley by calling (503) 585-3427 x2 or writing