On Friday, September 15th at Salem’s Historic Grand Theatre, professional photographer Zak Stone will be leading us on a photographic journey which chronicles the artistic process that has allowed him to capture entrancing scenic photos, adventure all over Oregon and beyond, and ultimately, discover his personal drive and passion for photography. 

Zak Stone has lived in Salem all but 3 years of his life. Those 3 years were spent in Florida working as an instructor at Orlando Watersports Complex and competing on a professional level in wakeskating. While there his love for filming and photography really grew and after those 3 years, he moved back to Salem to be closer to family and the beauty of Oregon. Once back home he continued filming for his production company Oregon Trail Trash, and even released a DVD with many well-known watersport professionals.

In 2010 Zak married his wife, Angela and together they have 3 wonderful kids- Andon, Elodie, and Romy. When Zak’s not with family he is out hiking, camping, and capturing breathtaking photographic moments for both his clients and for himself.  After 41 years of watching and being a part of the growth in Salem, Zak has a deep interest and commitment to the community and looks forward to sharing his passion and process with all of you!

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased here!